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Tay Oskee


The name Tay Oskee has become synonymous with feel-good indie folk pop music and with the release of his debut album Keepers of the Morning, he has created an entirely DIY record that features an elevated collection of songs and stories, showcasing his talents as a masterful composer, producer, and artist.

Tay’s song writing is an uplifting journey with melodies that infiltrate your core, ducking and weaving throughout the album and leaving you with a sense of nostalgic euphoria. The decision to create this album with complete autonomy was not without its challenges:  

“With a new studio done I went straight into recording the album, it was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. To completely self-produce and engineer these songs meant I was constantly fighting myself and second guessing if I could do it.  I played all the instruments on the album, apart from the piano which was done by Jason Daniels and trumpets for RawBrass on Fiver! ‘Sequoia’ and ‘Let The Fire Burn’ were mixed by Garrett Kato and everything else I did, trying to match what he had done. That really helped me get it over the line.”

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